Electra Gin, Part 2

Updated: Jan 6

Our Vision .

Welcome back to part 2 of our Electra vision .

Let’s add another consideration and definition in order to arrive to our vision and mission : for us you can call a gin an ”alcoholic kind of tea “ or “a cocktail of different botanicals “ .

We love the ingredients , we are in love with those ingredients : the botanicals .

Also because they have other hidden interesting features : all botanicals are geographically catalogued and distinguishable .

And by consequence you could travel all around the globe following each botanical’s birth certificate . Interesting feature don’t you think ?

Let’s add another thing : as Spirits lovers ( and believe me , we definitly love spirits 😎) we hate limitations ! Limitation In number ( ndr numbers of good producers of a certain spirit ) or limitation in tastes ( for example Peated and unpeated whisky , aged and unaged whiskies , only 4 combinations ) .

We definitly love whisky , we love Cognac and Brandy , we love Rum and Tequilas but we suffer also here from limitations of choice . That’s where Gin has an unbeateable strategic advantage : the infinite number of botanicals !

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