Electra Gin , Part 4

Our Vision , final Part.

Welcome to our Electra Vision , final post .

One Step back :

“if you like Juniper predominance you like Gin , if not you don’t drink Gin !”

And that’s a pity . If you don’t drink Gin , You don’t have the opportunity to try all those infinite world botanicals . Some botanicals you may try them in food recipes of course but not in form of essential oils extracted by distillation or infusion -to get more technical 😎.

And that would be a pity for us .

So -if you agree with us - start considering this kind spirit that is Gin as a brand ambassador of so many interesting tastes/botanicals that would be otherwise unknown to the mass.

Now we can finally talk about our first recipe , Electra Gin , Limited Edition .

As we had this vision of transforming spirits lovers into new Gin Lovers or even gain new drinkers directly into the Gin Lovers Club, we needed to start exactly with a first “inclusion” Gin , something that we started to call “universal Gin” .

That is in fact Electra Gin .

Juniper from tuscany , individually distilled + other 10 botanicals expertly infused , all the resulting ingredients redistilled another time in a single copper distillation pot .

Geographically we wanted to start in Italy with Juniper from Tuscany and Iris flower Giaggiolo and arrive to Java Island with his false pepper that is the long java pepper .

The difficult part of this recipe was to avoid predominance of Juniper but keeping the taste of this botanical still straight and elegant . Second step was to enhace the taste of Iris Giaggiolo Flower which has a slightly cinnamon-like aftertaste, and the long Java pepper (a false pepper) which reminds us of the persistence of another noble ingredient, the tonka bean, widely used in pastry .

The target was to produce a gin that could be drunk straight as if it were a grappa (and that could also intrigue the most experienced Italian grappa drinker) but at the same time could be accepted by world mixologists as an elegant ingredient for various types of Martini Cocktails.

Well , since first production batch of this Electra Gin arriving till recent gold medal at Asian Spirits Challenge 2021 , we have met in Milan several worlds top 50’s Mixologists and untill now from their response this results should have been achieved .

We wait for your response .

So finally , that’s the Vision of our Electra Team :

“We will study , we will innovate , we will use all of our know how and then the one of great Master Distillers around the globe that we will partner with .We will investigate and use all new technologies may be available , new materials , new temperature / pressure / quality controls to achieve the best possible quality of our future recipies in Gin & other Spirits .”

That’s because our aim is to guide you in taste around the Globe , accompanying juniper with the mix of all our other favourite botanicals.”

Try Electra and let us know !

Fabio Todesco

Eugenio Speroni

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