Electra Gin , Part 3

Our Vision .

Welcome back to our Electra vision , Part 3 .

Let’s be very direct and straight , to avoid misunderstandings : we love Juniper ! in Italy we have some of the best qualities of Juniper worldwide , the tuscanian one but als the sardinian one . We can choose .

In Gin formulation Juniper is the most important botanical , has to be more than 50% of total quantity of botanicals to get the appellation of Gin .

BUT Juniper is only ONE botanical and to guide you geographically in taste around the globe ( mmm here you can deduct part of our vision 😎) we need to focus our attention to the other infinite world’s botanicals .

So where’s the problem ? No problem in fact , you can use all other botanicals .But Juniper is very strong in taste and you remember that has to be 50% of your recipe .Therefore you need to avoid that the taste of juniper takes over from the other botanicals.

But this is not easy . The majority of gin that I tasted in last 10 years - even if the Gin was great done - was naturally affected by Juniper predominance .

So how many time we had friends telling us :

“The Juniper is too strong, I can’t taste the other botanicals ” or “ I’m not so keen on Juniper that’s why I prefer to drink a grappa or another spirit “

If you love Juniper taste you love this predominance , if not you don’t drink Gin .

End of part 3 , to be concluded

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