Electra Gin , Part 1

Updated: Jan 12

Welcome to our Electra Gin blog . My name is Fabio Todesco and together with my friend Eugenio Speroni, we founded our company called Milano Electra Gin, in our hometown of Milano. We founded Electra Gin after 10 years of home experiments in a variety of distillation techniques and so many botanicals and recipes that I honestly lost memory of all of them. As years passed our passion grew and our technique refined to the point where we can proudly introduce to you to a world class product that is Electra Gin.

So what drove us so relentlessly and what was our vision for Electra Gin? Its the understanding and passion for variety, not just production of the same old distilled spirit. We started with the simple premise of understanding how many botanicals we can use with Juniper to balance out a universal taste for all and not just niche Gin drinkers. What we quickly found out is that we can have infinite possibilities and so we focused on a precise methodology in measurement of botanicals vs Juniper to arrive at the perfect starting balance.

It was a challenging and fun journey. A journey we’ll continue and tell you more about in our next post.

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